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The Cinema of Denis Villeneuve by Roger Okamoto

October 2, 2015


“The Cinema of Denis Villeneuve” is a visually poetic ode to director Denis Villeneuve put together by Atlanta editor Roger Okamoto. Finding inspiration from six of Villeneuve’s most iconic films, Okamoto showcases his talent of storytelling through skillful editing. The French-Canadian born Villeneuve possesses various award wins, including an Academy Award nomination, throughout his 20 years in the film industry. Villeneuve is renowned for his riveting films that center around passion, the effects of violence, and mental anguish. Okamoto translates these themes beautifully through his tightly congealed collection of images that revitalize the director’s impassioned, carefully crafted images and stories. Watch more from Roger Okamoto and see Denis Villeneuve’s latest film Sicario out in theaters everywhere now.

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