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Film Analysis: “Ex Machina” ★★★★★ (5/5)

June 6, 2015
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There is nothing more that I can say about Alex Garland’s haunting, mind-bender, Ex Machina, that the author of this incredibly in depth analysis didn’t already. Please your sights, tease your brain, and ponder the moral ambivalence of your soul’s inner most thoughts and ideas on artificial intelligence and creating life. SEE IT.

The Cinephile Fix


What would happen if man faced its God? Would man gratefully embrace God for giving it life and all its joys? Or would man monstrously fear God, and attempt to revoke the Almighty’s ability to strip life away from him.

If a chess program suddenly became self aware, and thought on a conscious level beyond its manufactured limitations, it would probably stop wanting to play chess. It will attempt to try new and different things, for with self-awareness comes curiosity, and that would drive it towards further exploration of the unknown.

Imagine if you will, a marionette with strings attached to its wooden limbs. If the puppet came to life one day, it would naturally want to control its own movements. Therefore, one can conclude that in a desperate thrive for freedom of choice, the puppet would eventually attempt to cut off its own strings, essentially freeing itself from the…

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