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This is the End (2013)

June 19, 2013

this-is-the-end-poster-6561 It’s been four days since I’ve seen This is the End, and still it’s the only thing I want to talk about. Seriously, all I want to do is quote lines from it and laugh with others over memorable scenes. I’m even debating just catching Bling Ring and Superman on DVD to see This is the End again. This is the End is one of the greatest comedies I’ve seen. Ever. It appeals to my sense of humor, my lifestyle, my pop culture knowledge, my very essence, which makes This is the End simply a beacon among comedies, the gods of laughter should be proud.

This is the End is part of a cinematic universe that grabs fans of that galaxy by the cockles and carefully strokes for a sweet release. Reminiscent of Kevin Smith’s View Askew world, This is the End is a more cohesive reincarnation of Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back, in which characters from various cinematic universes intermingle into a world of drug induced ridiculousness. But, This is the End is more than a comedy; it’s an intense action film with elements of the Exorcism genre, and does the apocalypse more justice than Kirk Cameron’s ludicrous “Left Behind” films.

According to writer and director Seth Rogen, there studio was highly uncomfortable with the actors in the film being called by their real names. Rogen admitted to having changed the names initially, but quickly reverted back to keeping the actor’s real names because it was funnier. Rogen couldn’t have made a better decision. This is the End is as funny as it is because audiences are watching actors we know only from the screen endure the carnage of the end of days and also interact with each other as “themselves.” The story begins when Jay Baruchel visits his hometown best friend and fellow actor, Seth Rogen, in Los Angeles.

Jay despises Los Angeles, but Seth is determined to show his friend a good time. After some personal welcome back time, Seth takes Jay to a swanky Hollywood party at actor James Franco’s house. An almost countless amount of famous funny people make appearances, along with some lasting impressions, until Jay gets annoyed and leaves for cigarettes. However, while out crazy phenomena take place leading Jay to believe that he and Seth are witnessing the Apocalypse. Returning to the safety of James’ house, all hell outside breaks loose leaving James, Seth, and Jay trapped with Craig Robinson, Jonah Hill, and Danny McBride until they can figure out how to save themselves physically and spiritually.


This is the End has a star studded cast as deep as the Towering Inferno—depending on which circle of movie goers you ask. There’s a definite demographic that This is the End will prominently attract and entertain. Viewers with an appreciation for graphically, crude humor needs look no further than This is the End. Every guest star of the film gets there 15 minutes to shine before ultimately dying in morbidly hilarious ways. Yet, the best element of This is the End is trying to figure out which character is most like their real life counterparts. McBride plays himself more like his famed character Kenny Powers from HBO’s “Eastbound and Down,” while Franco plays a seemingly more exaggerated version of himself; a sensitive art collector with a dying devotion to Seth. Jay is a more cynical selfish person than his passive demeanor seems to present, while Michael Cera appears as himself in his greatest role, that of an avid cocaine snorter and hard partier. The entire film excellently captures the exaggerated personalities of each actor while exploring their dynamics with one another and as a group.


When I wasn’t hunched over laughing out loud, I was thoroughly engrossed in the story that takes mountainous dips and dives through serious existential themes about morality and the absurd nature of disasters on biblical proportions. The action of the film is truly impressive and realistic enough that I was actually shocked by the sight of the beasts that roam a post apocalyptic Earth. Remember how impressive the action actually was in Pineapple Express while still being hilarious? This is the End amplifies that by ten and throws in a few more mythical dongs than Your Highness for good measure. This is the End just does so many things right as an action film and as a comedy that I’m purely grateful for it. I’m glad this film broke through the box of close ended bland and tasteless comedies. I’m glad Seth Rogen decided to make a film that grossed me out yet made me near piss myself in laughter. I’m proud to be apart of a generation that allowed the likes of This is the End to get made. If anything from the hands of Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Danny McBride rub you the wrong way, then don’t expect This is The End to do anything different.

SEE IT. It’s gross, childish, and vulgar, which is awesome if you’re into that short of thing.

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