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Canadian Hot Docs Film Festival 2013

April 29, 2013


If you are a resident and movie lover based in Canada, then be sure to check out the Hot Docs Film Festival currently taking place in Toronto. Those living outside of Canada should instead check out Pretty Clever Films in order to read reviews on the riveting works of art being produced and featured in the festival. Also check out my reviews of some incredible documentaries I’ve had the honorable pleasure of watching like Menstrual Man, the powerful story of one man’s quest to bring awareness of sanitary pads to remote villages in India for the Safety of women. As well as The Devil’s Lair, an observational documentary following a South African gang leader’s struggle to keep his family and life. Also be sure to read Remote Area Clinic, a look into how one man’s free clinic acts as a beacon of
hope for hundreds of low class citizens lacking insurance. If any of the featured Hot Docs film’s falls into your lap, do yourself a favor and watch them immediately.

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