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Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

July 25, 2012


I have a semi- twisted, low brow sense of humor. Idiotic situations, offensive jokes, cheap potty humor and just sheer absurdity can make me double over with laughter. For instance, recently someone told me they had never met anyone who didn’t laugh after saying “burp” while burping. Since then I’ve tried it many times and each time I howl in laughter at how awesome such a trivial action can be. When I’m not living by the simple joys of Schadenfreude, my mind spends hours watching and revisiting moments from Adult Swim. To this day a man being raped by a perverted yellow dog named Hand Banana still pops up in my head when I hear the words “Tonight” and “you” in the same sentence.

Naturally because of my humor I’m a pretty big Tim and Eric fan, therefore during a classy ladies night consisting of salmon and wine, when the suggestion of watching Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie came up, the vote among my friends and I to watch it was a unanimous “yes.” Yet as soon as I hit play life kept stepping in causing me to leave the room numerous times missing major chunks of the film. I would continuously return to and ask my friends what had I missed, and each time they would laugh timidly and tell me “seriously you didn’t miss much.” I attempted to rewatch it on my own days later to be sure, and the ladies were right. You could watch 30 minutes of Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie and still get the jist of what’s going on.

Adult Swim stars Tim and Eric have received a billion dollars from a big time CEO at Schlaaang Company. However, instead of using the money on their film, the guys blow the billion dollars on plastic surgeries, plane rides to work, a spiritual guru (Zak Galafanakis) and a mountain of other unnecessary finances leaving them only enough money to make a, for lack of better words, shitty 3-minute film. Bound to a legal contract, the two are held responsible for returning the billion dollars or else they’ll be sued for every penny. They soon come across a job owning and renovating an abandoned mall with a wolf infestation problem in order to earn a billion dollars. Through a series of misadventures and colorful characters who inhabit the mall, the duo struggle to make back the money before the CEO finds and kills them.


If you’ve ever watched Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show Great Job! then you know what to expect from Billion Dollar Movie. If you’re a fan there’s almost no doubt that you will laugh yet still be shocked at how far they continue to take their humor. If you’ve never watched Tim and Eric and like your comedy tame and smart, then for the love of god save yourself the stress and don’t watch this film. It’s just not for everyone. Arms get cuff off, offensive language is used, homoerotic acts awkwardly happen, and terribly acted and produced infomercials are featured heavily throughout. It’s Tim and Eric at their best and most Tim and Ericey. It’s not perfect, as fans of Awesome Show Great Job! can attest; not every joke is funny, some scenes are too stupid for their own good, while other scenes just try to hard. However, for a 90 minute film it’s a cohesive story with a tragic romance and hilariously satirical moments of action.

Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie is surprisingly smart in its delivery. While the duo is shameless when it comes to pushing boundaries for the sake of a laugh, they know how to make a brilliantly self-aware film. It’s like a more insincere version of cult classic, The Room. While Tommy Wiseau’s horribly written, acted, and directed film is appreciated the way a toddler’s crude deformed scribble of their parents is appreciated, Tim and Eric scribble with a self-aware precision featuring the right amount of over and under acting to feel like an authentic B-movie while still poking fun at the films that try so hard and fail. Tim and Eric just takes all of those elements and sprinkles in some poop jokes, scenes of masturbation, and thugs beating up sweet old women.

Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie is what it is, a film made by two absurd humorists’ television writers. If you’re not familiar with the pair, YouTube a few of their skits. If you find yourself more turned off than hilariously laughing then ignore this whole post and pretend you never knew The Cinephiliac laughs at Beaver Boys and Pumpers. If John C. Riley playing a dying sick hobo named Taquito intrigues you as well as absurd performances from Will Ferrell, Will Forte, and Ms. Gites from Clueless then by all means get as far away from sober as you can and enjoy the hilarity of Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie.

See IT. Seriously get weird and just do it.

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