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Jackass 3D

October 19, 2010

In the recent years the film industry has become obsessed with 3D and when James Cameron’s Avatar broke box office records the studios rushed to cash in on the expensive fad. Horror, action, and animated films have all become heavily subjected to the trend regardless of quality or necessity. Yet the most intriguing film that utilizes the technology to the greatest advantage is without a doubt Jackass 3D. The 3rd and seemingly final film from the gang isn’t their best but is their most impressive and frankly quite beautiful to watch.

After three seasons of their hit MTV show, three previous films and numerous spin-offs Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Bam Margera, Ryan Dunn, Wee-Man, Preston and the entire gang are back with more ludicrous stunts and gags to shock audiences the world over. The same formula is evident however Jackass 3D is a good mix of their previous works. Where Jackass: The Movie excelled in humor due to the focus on pranks and stunts, Jackass Number Two was a disappointment because of its heavy use of excrement and bodily fluids as a means of humor. Yet Jackass 3D meticulously incorporates both elements but is a slight return to the early days of objects to the testicles, stunts in fat suits and pranks on unsuspecting people.

The difference this time around is the use of 3D technology which oddly enough makes the film more intriguing and aesthetically pleasing to watch. The action is slowed down to super slow motion showing scenes in excruciating detail such as the reoccurring prank “Rocky” in which a character sneaks up behind unwary friends throws a cup of water in their face with one hand and uses the other to punch them. The humor of the childish prank is due to seeing the action of the patron’s face slowly realizing what has happened and their reaction of shock, pain and ultimately laughter. Filmed in high definition, the cameras brings out beautiful color in Jackass 3D giving it a sleek and professional appearance and the 3D is used accordingly to place audiences in the midst of bull fights, jet ski jumps and flying dildos and excrement.

There’s nothing overtly special about Jackass 3D however, although it’s almost endearing to see the boys back together and the pure joy they receive from doing ridiculous gags and stunts with each other. There are funny moments as well as ones sure to make you gag, however if any aspect of Jackass is intriguing either from their show, past films or their MTV takeover then Jackass 3D is enjoyable because you know what to expect. If watching a man get an apple eaten out of his ass by a pig or watching a man drink another’s sweat isn’t your cup of tea then avoid Jackass 3D at all costs.

If you remotely enjoy the franchise SEE IT, if not AVOID IT.

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